Former Ranchers Stonelake and Kruppe Hired as Co-Managers

headshot_2_Stonelake-147a1d827b3127cce985451c8f29100000035108AbOWjRu0ZtV-700x300With the sudden absence of Chris Harang, the Ranchers moved quickly to find a replacement. Doing so, they hired two former Rancher players, Corey Stonelake and Chris Kruppe.

Stonelake will be tagged with the Manager position, while Kruppe will be labelled the Associate Manager.

Stonelake is currently an Assistant Coach at UW-Parkside, focusing on outfielders and hitting. Kruppe has been coaching for the Acceleration program since graduating from Albion College in 2012.

Please feel free to check out their bios for moreĀ info.


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