The Homestead Ranchers are a collegiate/semi-pro summer club and a full-member of the Chicago Suburban Baseball League. Primarily made up of current college players, The Ranch prefers small rosters (24-27) and extremely committed players. The Ranchers are a non-profit and simply look to give our players an opportunity to improve their game against prime competition in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

The Ranchers are based out of and train at AcademyELITE Baseball in Glenview, IL. Our home field is Bowen Park in Waukegan, IL. The Ranch play 45-50 games in June and July, plus the NABF tournament in late July, early August. Most games will be on Tuesday thru Thursday nights (9 innings) and Saturday and Sunday days (7 inning DHs).

The Ranchers have rostered players from all college division levels, as well as numerous draft picks.

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How the Homestead Ranchers Came to be

Founded in 2010, Homestead Ranchers owner Phil Apostle and General Manager Zach Martin saw a need to start a college-based franchise.

"Each year, it seems, we have a handful of guys looking for quality playing opportunities that can't find 'em. We help train these guys through youth baseball and on into high school -- they leave for college, which is a goal for most of our guys -- and then what? It can take a couple of weeks to place a single player with a summer ball club. We have more than 100 kids playing in college from the AcadeyELITE/Homestead Ranchers youth programs right now. They needed a place to play."

Martin adds, "It's a natural and necessary progression for us. We have big plans for the Ranchers."